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I'm Making Ends Meet...Mostly

I'm an ongoing pet business that has customers (some more loyal than others) who shop at my store. Some days my life in retail is awesome! Customers love my pet products, my knowledgeable sales associates, and they tell their friends. Other days, the challenges seem overwhelming. The customers are few and my staff is not motivated. I’m scraping together payroll or rent money. And sometimes I'm not even drawing a paycheck or saving any money toward retirement.

Now is the perfect time to call Pet Retail Helper! It’s where we can help the most.

PRH will come in and do a thorough assessment of your business including retail sales, cost of goods, expenses by category (including rent, payroll, marketing and business services) to determine how these categories are either helping or hurting your business profitability and cash flow.

PRH will then will present a strategy and implementation plan to help you improve your business both in the short-term and to set it on a path for long-term profitability. This process can be as detailed and comprehensive as you wish, a one off or an ongoing project, depending on your business needs and budgets.

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